Stock up on Cold and Flu Supplies!

Our shelves are stocked with our favorite natural immune boosters to protect patients of all ages from the germs that will soon be heading our way.  Be sure to stock up on these supplement gems, especially if you have school aged children. Andrographis Plus and Viraclear are our favorites to reach for at the first sign of a sniffle or sore throat in order to stop illness in its tracks. ViraClear is available in adult and children formulations.  A simple daily regime of Ultra Potent C (chewable or capsules) along with Sambucus syrup or Arabinogalactan Powder can be very effective for keeping us all healthy during cold and flu season.   All of our favorite immune support supplements can be found in our online store that features a wide variety of supplements that you can purchase directly from us online. Supplements can be picked up at the office or conveniently shipped to your home.

Laura Jones

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