Jean Stack

Jan Lesieur, Esthetician

Jan has extensive history in esthetics.  Her training in nutritional supplements, essential oils, yoga, skin care, Reiki and Somatic Experiencing inform her integrative approach to wholistic skin care.  Jan believes that supporting the overall health, healing and resilience of the skin requires not only the use of appropriate skin care products, routine facials yet also requires consideration for the entire individual, their state of well being, lifestyle, diet, exercise, and level of commitment in learning new tools for restoring brilliance to the appearance of the skin. Her passion is working with both the challenges that face those individuals desiring a “graceful” aging for their mature skin, as well as those struggling with “troubled” skin, acne or sensitive skin. Her experience is that no one need be left out of having the healthy skin that they desire, that through education, consistency and a willingness to learn the appearance of the skin does improve. Her philosophy is that the skin is one of the most amazing organs, it has the ability to renew itself and tapping this ability is where the potential lives.

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