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Jean Stack, LMT

Jean Stack is a Nationally Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapist with advanced training in myofascial release and soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular and craniosacral therapy, corrective exercise and women’s fitness. Both fascinated by science and physiology and possessing a love for patient care, she earned a degree in medical technology in 1981 and worked in healthcare for more than twenty years before entering the field of bodywork. She became interested in complementary therapies when bouts of unexplained chronic pain, episodes of colic, and periods of dis-ease plagued her horse and remained unresolved by traditional treatment. While researching additional alternatives, she developed an interest in the connection between mind/body health and overall wellness. This lead her to become a Reiki practitioner in 2003, and both a human and equine massage therapist in 2005.

As Jean’s studies advanced, it became clear to her that muscular wellness and structural balance are not only connected to health, they are an integral part. She developed a passion for a whole body approach to wellness, and began integrating techniques that focused on release of restrictions causing pain and muscular imbalance, resetting and enhancing communication between the nervous and neuromuscular system, and reestablishing healthy movement patterns that reinforced skeletal alignment.  She has completed hundreds of hours of advanced training with such notable educators as John Barnes, Leon Chaitow, the Upledger Institute, the Craniosacral Therapy Alliance, and the Cambrea Institute. She is an active member of the American Massage Therapy Association, the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners, and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Believing that growth and education is a lifelong journey, she enthusiastically pursues advancing her studies, training and skill enhancement.

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