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Well Women, Healthy Aging Series Coming this Fall

A Program for Wellness & Healthy Aging through Perimenopause, Menopause & Beyond

Join Dr. Laura Jones as she leads a new 4-week series designed to educate and support women approaching, transitioning through, or on the other side of menopause. Each Wednesday, Dr. Jones will teach about the different pillars of lifestyle medicine as they relate to women’s health; nutrition, physical movement, stress, sleep, and social connection. Class topics will include factors influencing our health and tools from the functional medicine tool box to support healthy aging and limiting risk for chronic disease.

Class Schedule:

Week 1: Food and Movement as Medicine- starting slow with meal and exercise goals and planning, two necessities for healthy aging
***Meal ideas, recipes and beginner exercise ideas will be shared
Week 2: Hormones, Stress, Mood & Sleep – diving into the changes we go through as we age, and how stress level and sleep affect our hormone balance, mood and overall health
**An introduction to meditation, beginner yoga and deep breathing will be reviewed during this class, resources will be distributed.
Week 3. Herbs, Nutrients and Essential oils – Remedies to support our changing bodies **We will each make our own essential oil rollerball and loose leaf tea to take home and employ during this class.
Week 4: Pulling it all together – staying on track for the long haul

Grab a friend and come join us!

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Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary care focusing on prevention and natural therapies. Naturopathic philosophy lays the groundwork for the practice of naturopathic medicine, and helps guide the treatment decisions. Identifying the cause of disease rather than treating symptoms alone, and treating the whole person rather than individual systems are foundational to Naturopathic practice.

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Upcoming Events

Oct. 4 Well Women, Healthy Aging Series

October 4 @ 5pm - 5pm
Whole Health Concord
7 Broadway