Strong Program

Athletic Performance & Health Optimization Program

A Biochemistry Tune Up for all Athletes to Maximize Athletic Potential and Performance

Athletes are vulnerable to nutrient deficiency, hormone imbalances, and prolonged inflammatory responses due to their large training loads. The STRONG program, designed by Dr. Laura Jones, is a 12-week program that employs valuable tools to assess and improve lean body mass and strength, nutrient and hormone imbalances, as well as inflammation & resulting recovery time.

Baseline Assessments

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis with our FDA approved, Seca device is used to assess baseline muscle mass, percent body fat, metabolic rate and hydration status.

Micronutrient Testing is used to assess for deficiency of various nutrients (Ex: magnesium, B vitamins, antioxidants, D3).

Adrenal Function and Sex Hormone Assessment is an assessment that investigates 4-point cortisol and DHEA levels to assess adrenal function. Various sex hormones are also assessed.

Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)

BIA measurements allows us to assess if your training load and nutrition are supporting strength and training gains.

Taking basal metabolic rate (BMR) and training load into account allows for calorie and macronutrient goals to be calculated. Following the resulting recommendations means an athlete can avoid calorie or protein deficit, a common pitfall during training. This allows for more confidence in appropriate fueling while reaching for improved performance.

The STRONG Program includes:

  • 3 sessions with Dr. Laura Jones
  • 3 Body Composition Assessments (baseline, mid and post program)
  • NutraEval Micronutrient Panel (baseline)
  • 4-Point Cortisol and Sex Hormone Panel (baseline)
  • Individualized nutrition recommendations including macronutrient goals
  • Nutritional supplement recommendations

STRONG Components

Survey the patient’s concerns, lifestyle habits and training

Test for baseline values including metabolic rate and muscle mass, stress/sex hormones, and nutrient status. Food sensitivity testing and microbiome testing are optional additions.

Review the results of various assessments with the patient

Optimize health by designing a plan to cater to the lab findings and performance/health goals

Navigate obstacles and challenges by continuing to individualize treatment to support athletic training and performance/health goals

Guide the patient as necessary using repeat testing and treatment plan manipulation, allowing for improved health and performance

Athlete Testimonials

“Dr. Jones was critical in helping me achieve peak performance. Daily intense training requires a comprehensive fueling plan that matches the physical demands. Dr. Jones left no stone unturned in optimizing the fourth discipline of triathlon: Nutrition.”

-Amber Ferreira, Ironman Champion

“Managing my underlying health, body composition and nutrition, has become the fourth leg of my triathlon training. Dr. Jones has not only been my doctor during this effort, she has also been one of my cheerleaders. Her willingness to listen, and expert advice paired with an athlete’s receptivity and discipline will make for a strong and successful team.”

-Jim Monahan, Ironman Athlete

The 12-week program costs $1499.00

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