Thank You for a Miraculous Transformation

I am so happy with the care Dr. Laura Jones has given me and my husband. I have been seeing her for going on two years and during that time have lost nearly 60 pounds and feel years younger. She looks at you as a whole entity, not just an organ or even a system as so many do. She tries to help your body function efficiently and have all systems working together.

Joy has been brought back to our house

Dr. Jones helped my very ill son where no other doctor could. Instead of simply treating his symptoms, she took the time to find out the reasons for his illness. By working with the body as a whole she was able to correct his imbalances and reverse the effects of his illness. She helped to bring joy back into our house.

I was diagnosed with PMR

Quite a few years ago I was diagnosed with PMR-a condition that has no known cause and no known cure. It can be ongoing or disappear for no reason at all. I researched PMR and found that some people have had it for 5 or 6 years or more. It is treated with low doses of prednisone that keeps the joint pain manageable. I was not going to use steroids regularly no matter how small the dose. Dr. Jones and Naturopathic medicine provided a perfect alternative that fit my desire not to be tied to phamaceutical "treatments". I can't say enough about Naturopathic medicine.

In the best health of my life

I became Dr. Jones' patient three years ago. Her expertise and intuition have helped me to overcome a variety of health concerns ranging from vitamin D deficiency, to adrenal dysfunction, to precancerous cells. One thing that makes her so special is the fact that she truly listens and makes you feel very much a part of the treatment decision making process. She offers a variety of options for healing, each method involving treatments that work with the body and not against it.

I was skeptical about Naturopathic medicine

I was seriously ill and had nothing to lose. A friend referred me to Dr. Jones' office, thank goodness. Within the first few minutes of my interview discussing my symptoms, Dr. Jones had already been able to guess the cause of my problems. After testing to confirm her suspicions, I started treatment. With each week my symptoms lessened. I was on my way to getting my health back. I  now have complete trust and faith in her. As a bonus she is willing to consult with other practitioners to further benefit me as her patient. I’m a grateful and loyal patient!

I lost 18 pounds and inches around my waist

I was referred to Dr. Jones by my surgeon because I had never had a regular daily bowel movement in my lifetime (I'm 65). As a result, I have suffered from recurring rectal fissures, abscesses, surgeries and lots of pain. Within five months of Dr. Jones' detective-like questions, guidance and care, I now have one or more bowel movements every day - naturally...and with absolutely no pain! I've also lost 18 pounds and inches around my waist. I'm healthier than I have ever been and am deeply grateful for natural remedies that don't cover the symptoms but get to the source of the problem. Dr. Laura is the BEST friend my body has ever had!