Healthy & Organic Spa Services at Whole Health Concord

SPAWhile continuing to grow our Naturopathic and Complimentary Medicine services, Whole Health Concord will be expanding our treatments to include Medi Spa services. Over time, we plan for this element of our practice to become it’s own affiliated entity.  A Medi Spa is a hybrid between a medical office and a day spa that operates under the supervision of  a licensed doctor. While initially offering a fairly simple Spa Menu, organic facials, pedis, tints and waxing, Whole Health’s Medi Spa plans to expand over the next 2 years to provide treatment of face and body using medical grade products to treat acne,  redness, wrinkles and broken capillaries.  In addition, we look forward to providing treatments for non-invasive skin tightening, wrinkle minimization, laser stretch mark removal, and laser skin rejuvenation as an anti-aging therapy.  Yoga, Pilates, Cleanse and Weight loss classes will continue to be important offerings here at Whole Health.  With our Naturopathic roots in mind, we will educate on and encourage healthy dietary choices as well as supplement and exercise routines to ensure our patients feel and look their best.

Spa services feature Hylunia and Hymed skin care lines.  Hylunia is an impressive line of products, dedicated to developing safe, effective skin care solutions. Their formulas are based in plant science and dermal physiology, and source only the highest-grade botanicals, plant peptides and results-focused technologies.  Hymed, a product line within Hylunia,  is a unique collection of professional skin care products for the face and body.  Like Hylunia, Hymed uses high concentrations of hyaluronic acid (the most powerful moisture carrier known to science), multi fruit acids, peptides, plant stem cells and papain & bromelain enzymes but in more potent formulations.  Hylunia and Hymed incorporate the most powerful anti-oxidants to deliver a superior quality product that works. Unlike the Hylunia products, Hymed products are only available for purchase after skin analysis with one of our doctors or our esthetician here at Whole Health Concord.

Hylunia was among the very first skin care companies to partner with a team of dermatologists, scientists and skin specialists to develop products using safe, organic and natural ingredients. Every ingredient is selected to maximize results and prevent skin conditions by helping your skin repair itself.  While many skin care products on today’s market contain ingredients that cause inflammation, Hylunia/Hymed products aim to reduce inflammation, and are free of carcinogenic, inflammatory and irritating ingredients.  Daily exposure to inflammatory ingredients, such as fragrances, dyes and preservatives, can cause inflammation that burdens the immune system, allowing it less time to repair and heal.  This constant inflammation is not only a precursor to disease but also at the root of premature aging of the skin. Hylunia created products that calm and soothe the skin while reducing the impact of environmental stress and sensitivity, allowing for the safest, most effective skin care products truly free of all irritants.  Hylunia remains committed to formulating skin care using cutting edge technology to achieve maximum penetration for maximum visible results.

Whole Health’s spa services are available now! Our seasoned esthetician, Jan Lesieur, will be offering a variety of customized facials tailored towards healthy aging of the skin or acne prone skin.  Facial packages for teenagers are also available.  Detailed home care recommendations will be provided at the end of each session.  In addition to facials, we are thrilled to also be offer non-toxic pedicures, vitamin C peels, sugar hair removal and brow/lash tinting.  Our 90 minute spa pedicure employs BCL Spa’s pedicure line with certified organic ingredients and Zoya nail polishes which are “5-free.”. This means they are free of potentially harmful and hormone disrupting chemicals including formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene and allergens including camphor and formaldehyde resin. We have an array of amazing colors that will be sure to leave your feet healthy and looking great.  Hair removal with Salon Sukar products will also be offered.  Salon Sukar products are made with simply sugar, lemon and water; allowing for a safe and natural approach to hair removal for brows, bikini, legs, arms and back. See our Spa Menu with service descriptions and prices here.

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